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158. 95.40 LEKYTHOS from Eretria SUPPL. PLATE 21, 3

Height 0.328, diameter 0.114. Woman at basket. About 470-460 B.C., by the Telephos Painter (VA. pp. 107-8 no. 16; Att. V., p. 227 no. 29; ARV.1 p. 544 no. 37; ARV.2 p. 820 no. 53).

The shape and the shoulder-decoration are of standard type.

A woman stoops at a wool-basket, with a flower in her hand, as if dropping it in. Above, a distaff hangs, full of wool. The woman wears chiton, himation, ear-rings; her hair is rolled up behind. Relief-contour for the face alone. Even the drawing of the right hand is in brown lines. Brown for the wicker-work of the basket and for the light folds or furrows of the chiton on the breasts. Red for the head-fillet, the flower, and the inscription ΛΙΧΑΣ ΚΑΛΟΣ.

This is one of two lekythoi by the Telephos Painter. The other, in Athens, also from Eretria, is very like it in style, and the patterns are the same (Suppl. Plate 21, 2).1

There are no kalos-names on the cups of the Telephos Painter. The name Lichas recurs on his Nolan amphora in Oxford,2 as well as on many vases by other early classic painters, some of which add the name of the father, Samieus.3

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1 Athens 12347 (N. 1086): ARV.1 p. 544 no. 38; ARV.2 p. 820 no. 54.

2 Oxford 270: CV. pl. 17, 3 and pl. 18, 5: ARV.1 p. 544 no. 36; ARV.2 p. 820 no. 52.

3 ARV.1 p. 932; ARV.2 pp. 1594-5.

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