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2. 03.785 PLATE Two athletes PLATE I and FIGURE 2

Diameter, 0.19 m. Broken, but complete. The surface worn, so that details of the figures are dimmed or lost. Shape like no. 1 (Boston 01.8025), but with variations outside, as shown in figure 2. The base-ring pierced for suspension. Relief contours throughout, except for the feet and most of Xenophon's right hand. The hair contours incised with a rather blunt tool, that of Xenophon completely, that of Dorotheos except at the back. So also the interstices between the locks of their fringes, and their names. Raised dots along the edge of Xenophon's hair above the fringe.

Found in a tomb near Chiusi. Formerly in the Blaydes, Ancona and Hartwig collections, Ann. Rep. 1903, p. 70, no. 51. Bull. d. Inst. 1840, p. 4. Klein, L.I. 2, p. 61, no. 5. Beazley, V.A., p. 14. Hoppin, i, p. 144, no. 2. Beazley, Att. V., p. 29, no. 1.

Two athletes in conversation. At the left Xenophon stands with his right leg advanced and his right hand extended towards his companion. His left arm is swung back, and the hand holds a discus. At the right Dorotheos stands facing him, his right leg advanced, his right hand extended. Apparently he is asking for the discus, while Xenophon gives him instructions as to its manipulation. In the field at the left, ΧΣΕΝΟΦΟΝ; at the right ΔΟΡΟΘΕΟΣ, neatly incised with a blunt tool.

By the Kerberos painter. See on no. 1 (Boston 01.8025) above. It is noteworthy that this plate was found with two others: the plate with the death of Argos, by the same painter, and a plate with a representation of a mounted 'Amazon', which, as Hartwig suggests,1 may be identical with the Miltiades plate at Oxford. A fragment of a plate in London, London E 138, Beazley, V.A., p. 14, fig. 6, is a pendant to our plate. It had two athletes. The upper part of one is preserved, holding a javelin. Four other occurrences of the name Dorotheos, all belonging to the archaic period, are given in Klein, l.c.: a fifth is on the psykter by Oltos in New York (New York 10.210.18: Beazley, V.A., p. 8; details, Richter, Craft of Athenian Pottery, p. 53, and Alexander, Greek Athletics, p. 10).2

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1 Jahrbuch, viii, 1893, p. 161, note 6.

2 (From Addenda to Part I) No. 2. ARV. p. 55, Cerberus Painter no. 1.

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