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20. 00.339 SMALL OINOCHOE Youth dancing and girl fluting PLATE VIII

Height, 0.08 m.; diameter, 0.09 m. Intact except for slight breaks in rim and base. Part of the youth's body painted over, and the outline of the middle of his back restored. Relief contours throughout. The hair contour of the youth reserved. Thinned paint used for the youth's whisker and probably for the girl's hair (the surface is worn), also for the lower edge of her chiton, and a stripe just above the edge.

On the base, 'Locri', written in pencil. Formerly in the Hertz and Forman collections. Ann. Rep. 1900, p. 44, no. 13. Hertz Sale, Cat. no. 806. C. Smith, The Forman Collection, Sale Cat. 1899, no. 361, p. 76 (with drawing). Tonks, Brygos, no. 51, pp. 89, 114. Beazley, V.A., p. 92. Hoppin, i, p. 127, no. 31. Beazley, Att. V., p. 182, no. 87. Schröder, Der Sport im Altertum, Pl. 42. A drawing of the shape in Caskey, G.G.V., p. 147, no. 100.

A youth playing castanets as he dances to right. Facing him a girl playing the flute. She has short, fair hair, edged at the front with fine relief lines, and wears an Ionic chiton, himation, and shoes.

About 480 B.C. By the Brygos painter. Particularly like the youth on this vase, the youth on a cup in the University of California, UC 8.921, by the Brygos painter (I, youth leaning on stick, playing with dog). (Beazley.)

The shape, one of three types of small jugs classed by Beazley as Oinochoe, form 8, has recently been discussed by him in Vases in Poland, p. 59. Though he calls it an oinochoe, 'evidently it might serve more than one purpose — as a dipper, a measure, a taster, or a portable drinking cup'. A second example in Boston (Boston 97.606) with Eros flying, is drawn in G.G.V., p. 147, no. 99. A third, Boston 27.464, is undecorated. A fourth, in bronze, is shown in figure 20. Its handle is decorated with raised palmettes and ends in a silen mask. (Boston 99.482. Hoffmann Sale, May 1899, Cat. no. 503; there classed by Froehner as Etruscan.) Another bronze specimen, in the Loeb collection, is published by Sieveking in Münchner Jahrbuch, 1926, pp. 131 f., two plates, and in Bronzen, Terrakotten, Vasen der Sammlung Loeb, 1930, pll. 1-2. The body decorated with a repoussé relief; whether it had a handle or not remains uncertain.1

ARV, p. 256, no. 170; ARV2, p. 385, no. 226; Cambitoglou 1968, p. 9, note 26; Wegner 1973, p. 182, pl. 34d; Beazley Addenda 1, p. 113; Moon 1983, p. 276, note 6 (K. Schauenburg); Beazley Addenda 2, p. 228.

1 (From Addenda to Part I) No. 20. ARV. p. 256, Brygos Painter no. 170. The mug Boston 97.606, mentioned on i p. 21, middle, is ancient, but was originally black: the drawing is modern.

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