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21. 10.180 LEKYTHOS Eros flying with fillet PLATE IX and drawing on title-page

Height, 0.218 m.; diameter, 0.081 m. Intact; but bits of the surface have flaked off. The top of the lip and the edge of the foot reserved. A tongue pattern at the top of the shoulder. Below the figure a short band of interlocking meander. Relief contours throughout, except for the hair. Red used for the inscription. Thinned paint used for the hair, the anatomical markings, and the dots on the upper parts of the wings.

Ann. Rep. 1910, p. 62. Beazley, V.A., p. 91. Hoppin, i, p. 127, no. 35. Beazley, Att. V., p. 182, no. 92.

Eros, fair-haired, with large wings outspread, body in front view, head to left, floats down to the earth, holding a long taenia before him in both hands. In the field at right, ΗΟΠΑΙΣ, at left, ΚΑΛΟΣ.

About 490-480 B.C. By the Brygos painter, to be contrasted with his rendering of a flying Eros with lyre on the lekythos from Gela, Beazley, Att. V., p. 182, no. 91; Benndorf, Griech. u. Sicil. Vasenb., Pl. 48, 2.1 On the stamnos in the British Museum, Cat. iii, London E 440, F.R., Pl. 124, the foremost of three flying Erotes, called Himeros, holds a large taenia. This attribute probably has no more definite significance than the flowers, wreaths, or tendrils often carried by flying Erotes on archaic engraved gems and in vase paintings: they are lovers' tokens, and have a festal flavour.2

H. Schrader, JdI 56 (1941), pp. 41 (fig. 59), 43; ARV, p. 256, no. 163; Greifenhagen 1957, pp. 11-12, fig. 5; ARV2, p. 384, no. 218; Follmann 1968, p. 34; Wegner 1973, p. 160; Schefold 1981, pp. 192, 354, note 386; I. S. Mark, Hesperia 53 (1984), p. 311, note 111; A. Hermary, BCH 110 (1986), p. 221; LIMC, III, 1, p. 894, no. 512 (H. Cassimatis).

1 Beazley points out that a third lekythos with Eros by the Brygos painter is in Palermo, Palermo 291, from Selinus. Eros flies downwards, filling a phiale from a jug held high above his head.

2 (From Addenda to Part I) No. 21. ARV. p. 256, Brygos Painter no. 163. After Caskey, Jb. 56 p. 41.

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