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23. 10.200 FRAGMENT OF KYLIX Komast vomiting PLATE IX and FIGURE 21

Greatest length, 0.115 m.; diameter of foot, 0.09 m. The central portion of the bowl is preserved, together with the stem and most of the foot. Relief contours throughout. Red used for the komast's wreath, for the liquid streaming from his mouth, and for the inscription; thinned black paint for the hair on his body and for anatomical details within and without.

Ann. Rep. 1910, p. 63. Beazley, V.A., p. 91, fig. 59 (from a drawing by Frank Gearing). Hoppin, i, p. 127, no. 37. Beazley, Att. V., p. 179, no. 48.

Interior: within a simple interlocking maeander border, a bearded komast, wreathed, wearing a dotted himation with striped border, and holding a stick in his left hand, bends over a bowl into which he is vomiting. In the field [ΗΟ Π]ΑΙΣ [ΚΑΛΟΣ]. Lists of such figures are given by Hartwig in Meisterschalen, pp. 105 and 332, and in Strena Helbigiana, p. 113, note 2, to which Beazley adds the Apulian oinochoe, Göttingen 48 (Jacobsthal, Göttinger Vasen, p. 27 and Pl. 18).

Exterior: the left lower leg of a man followed by the advanced right leg of a second man, probably from a komos group. Fig. 20.1

About 490-480 B.C. By the Brygos painter.2

ARV, p. 249, no. 40; Caskey & Beazley, III, p. 25, under no. 131; ARV2, p. 373, no. 43; Wegner 1973, pp. 36, 41.

1 (From Addenda to Parts I and II) P. 23, no. 23: in the text, for 'Fig. 20' read 'Fig. 21'. The fragment 10.200 has now been augmented by a small one which joins it and has been presented to the Museum: see Suppl. Pl. 20, 1-2.

2 (From Addenda to Part I) No. 23. ARV. p. 249, Brygos Painter no. 40. Last line but one: for 'fig. 20' read 'fig. 21'.

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