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26. 10.197 KYLIX Apollo running PLATE X

Height, 0.083 m.; diameter, about 0.208 m. The foot is preserved with the central portion of the bowl and a bit of the rim. The exterior undecorated. The picture is complete except for the left foot of Apollo and part of his right foot; a break running across the head has obliterated the eye. Relief contours throughout, including the borders of the reserved hair contour. The fillet in red, the end of the long lock of hair in thinned varnish.

Bought by E. P. Warren in Rome in 1895. Acquired by the Museum in 1910. Beazley, VA., p. 91. Hoppin, i, p. 127, no. 36. Beazley, Att. V., p. 183, no. 18.

Within a border of continuous interlocking maeander, Apollo running to right, holding an arrow in his raised right hand and a bow with a second arrow in his advanced left. He is garbed in chiton embroidered with crosses, boots with curled flaps, and himation with striped border hung over his arms. His long hair is bound up in a heavy bunch at the nape of his neck by a fillet wound twice about his head and tied at the back. One long wavy tress hangs down upon his chest. A sceptre tipped by a lotus bud is placed obliquely in the field behind the figure.

About 480-470 B.C. In the style of the Brygos painter; but whether the picture is a minor work of the master or a school-piece remains doubtful.1

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1 (From Addenda to Part I) No. 26. ARV. p. 252, Brygos Painter no. 111.

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