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3. 00.335 PLATE Nereid PLATE II and FIGURE 3

Diameter, 0.169 m. Broken, but complete except for a bit of the rim which has been restored. Unimportant restorations on the picture. For the shape of the plate and the painting of its exterior see figure 3. The lip pierced on the rim with two holes for suspension. The chequers on the lip are in black on a cream ground. Relief contours throughout. The inscription apparently incised after the firing.

Formerly in the Bruschi collection, Corneto. Ann. Rep. 1900, p. 35, no. 4. Beazley, VA., p. 5, fig. 1 bis. Hoppin, Euthymides, p. 86, Pl. 24.

Within a chequered border, a Nereid running to right with head turned back. She holds two dolphins; two others leap about her. She wears an Ionic chiton, a sakkos and a disk earring. Scratched in the field, retrograde, the name ΘΕΤΕΣ.

About 500 B.C. Called a later work of the Menon painter, by Beazley, l.c., but not included by him in Att. V. Hoppin's attribution of the painting to Euthymides has been rightly rejected by Beazley, J.H.S. xxxvii, 1917, p. 236. But it is noteworthy that the plate resembles the fragmentary plate in the Museo Bocchi which has the signature of Euthymides (Hoppin, i, p. 438, no. 5). Its contour is similar; it has the same chequered border; and the bottom of the base-ring is grooved in the same way.

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