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33. 13.204 KYLIX Silens and maenads PLATE XIII

Diameter, 0.238 m. Incomplete; repaired with clamps in antiquity; the handles and the foot missing. Relief contour lines throughout; red used for the wreaths, the girdles of two of the maenads, the meaningless inscriptions in the field, brown for the inner markings on the bodies and for some of the drapery folds. It is noteworthy that the neck-muscle is indicated on all three maenads (inadvertently omitted on the drawings).

From Cervetri. Ann. Rep. 1913, p. 90. Beazley, V.A., p. 94. Hoppin, i, p. 456, no. 8. Beazley, Att. V., p. 187, no. 1.

Interior: a maenad moving to right with her right leg advanced, her body in front view, her head turned back and inclined. Her right hand holds a thyrsus, her left a spotted snake. Her head is wreathed with ivy. She wears an Ionic chiton with overfold like that of the better-preserved figure on side A. A leopard-skin is tied about her neck and hangs down her back.

On each side of the exterior, a maenad, attacked by two silens, defends herself with her thyrsus and her snake. On B she thrusts out her snake at the right-hand silen, and is ready to poke him with her thyrsus. On A she wheels round to the left-hand silen, prepares to strike at him with the butt of her thyrsus, and thrusts out her snake towards him. The silen at the left on B wears a leopard-skin, and his body seems to have been bent far forward, if the remains above the maenad's right elbow are correctly explained as the fingers of his left hand.1

By the Foundry painter, according to Beazley (V.A.), or at least in his manner (Att. V.). The heads of the maenads on the interior and on side A show an unmistakable resemblance, especially in the drawing of eye and chin, to those of the following figures: the youth at the right on side A of the symposium cup, no. 32, Pl. XII (Boston 01.8034), the warrior on the interior of the arming cup, no. 31, Pl. XI (Boston 10.195), the youth picking up his helmet on side B of the same cup, the youth leaning on his hammer on side B of the Foundry cup in Berlin, F.R., Pl. 135 (Berlin F 2294). The eyes of all three maenads are characteristic of the Foundry painter: they are narrow, like Brygan eyes, but longer, and with lids more nearly approximating to straight lines.2

ARV, p. 265, no. 26; ARV2, p. 403, no. 26; CVA, Karlsruhe, Badisches Landesmuseum, 3, p. 65, under pl. 29 (C. Weiss).

1 These five fingers, none of which resembles a thumb, are in even more wooden style than those of a komast on the Cambridge cup by the Foundry Painter: J.H.S. xli, 1921, Pl. XV. The foot of the same komast is carelessly drawn almost like a hand, as Bicknell has noted.

2 (From Addenda to Part I) No. 33. ARV. p. 265, Foundry Painter no. 26.

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