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40. 13.197 OINOCHOE Silen and maenad PLATE XVIII

Height, including handle, 0.229 m.; without handle, 0.185; diameter, 0.15 m. Broken, with only slight injury to the picture. Relief lines used for all the contours of the silen, including the lyre, for the head and upper arms of the maenad, and for the kantharos but not the thyrsus. Brown used for anatomical markings on the silen, and for the edge of the maenad's dress; red for his wreath and the cord of his plectrum.

From Gela. Ann. Rep. 1913, p. 93. Beazley, V.A., p. 157. Att. V., p. 355, no. 4. A drawing of the shape in Caskey, G.G.V., p. 143, no. 95.

A silen with a wreath on his bald head stands in three-quarter view to right, playing a lyre, while a maenad with kantharos and thyrsus moves away to right, turning her head back inviting him to follow her. Her lyre has long arms and only five strings. The plectrum is attached to its lower arm by a red cord, with a tassel at the place where it is fastened. The maenad wears a Doric peplos open on the right side and girded above the long overfold. She is wreathed with ivy.

It is noteworthy that the kantharos has cross-bars connecting the handles with the cup, placed not, as would be expected, at the level of the lip, but lower down. This peculiar detail appears also in the kantharos on the stamnos, no. 38, Pl. XVI (Boston 01.8083).

See under no. 43 (Boston 13.192).1

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