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42. 13.191 OINOCHOE Two youths and dog PLATE XVIII

Height, including handle, 0.245 m.; without handle, 0.199 m.; diameter, 0.152 m. Broken, but almost complete; the dog slightly injured. Relief contours throughout, except for the aryballos and sponge hanging in the field. Inner markings in brown on the two youths. The inscription and the cord and tassels of the satchel in red.

From Gela. Ann. Rep. 1913, p. 92. Beazley, V.A., p. 157. Att. V., p. 355, no. 2. The shape drawn in Caskey, G.G.V., p. 141, no. 93.

Two youthful athletes in conversation. The one at the left stands in profile with his left leg advanced and his hands clasped. The other is in front view with his head turned towards his comrade and stretching out his right hand holding a strigil. His lower eyelashes are indicated, and teeth are shown between his parted lips. The dog between them is looking up at the second youth, perhaps waiting for scrapings from the strigil, like the dog on the Brygan kylix above, no. 28, Pl. X (Boston 01.8038). Hanging in the field behind the left-hand youth, an aryballos (seen from the top) and a sponge, hanging by a string from a thong. Above the youths' heads, ΑΛΚΙΜΑΧΟΣ ΚΑΛΟΣ. On the name Alkimachos see i no. 49, p. 44 (Boston 13.202).

See under no. 43 (Boston 13.192).1

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Exhibited: Art Museum of South Texas, March 12 - May 2, 1976 (MFA Vases 1976, p. 20, fig. 22); Utah Museum of Fine Arts, 1988-1991 (Padgett 1988, pp. 42-43, no. 19, 2 illus.); Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, 1991-.

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