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43. 13.192 OINOCHOE Komasts PLATE XVIII

Height, including handle, 0.247 m.; without handle, 0.20 m.; diameter, 0.152 m. Broken, but almost complete; the figures only slightly damaged. Relief contours used for the profiles, the body of the youth and the greater parts of the limbs of both figures, but not for the hands, the drapery, the skyphos, the stick. Inner markings in brown. The inscription in red.

From Gela. Ann. Rep. 1913, p. 92. Beazley, V.A., p. 157. Att. V., p. 355, no. 1. A drawing of the shape in Caskey, G.G.V., p. 140, no. 92.

A youth moving to right with his body in front view, his mantle hanging over his extended left arm, looks back at a bearded man and holds out a skyphos to him in invitation. The man bends forward and stretches out his right hand. He holds a stick in his left; and his mantle hangs over his left shoulder. In the field below the skyphos, ΧΑΙΡΙΣ ΚΑΛΟΣ. A break runs across the fourth letter of the name; but it is almost certainly a rho. The other letters are clear, and there were but five. The only occurrence of this love-name.

These four vases are among the earliest specimens of Beazley's oinochoe type 4, a shape which he notes as appearing about 460 and lasting to the end of the century. He counts thirty-four with red-figured pictures,1 and thirteen entirely black, some of the latter having impressed designs. All have an indented line round the neck, just below the lip, made before the glaze was put on. The slight variations in proportions and in the mouldings of lip and foot shown by our four examples are recorded in Geometry of Greek Vases.

Our four oinochoai, which were presumably found together, are evidently products of one factory, and quite as evidently decorated by one hand. In Vases in America Beazley noted that the pictures 'stand very close to the Chicago painter, and are perhaps his'. He now has no doubt that they are his. About 450 B. C.2

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1 For example, Att. V., p. 427, nos. 12-14, Kalliope painter; p. 438, nos. 16-17 bis, Shuvalov painter; p. 446, nos. 7-9, Disney painter.

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