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45. 01.8078 KYLIX Revellers PLATE XX

Height, 0.121 m.; diameter, 0.305 m. Of normal shape. Broken but nearly complete. A piece of the rim with one handle broken off in antiquity and mended with five clamps. Two of the clamps have damaged the faces of the left-hand figure on A and the right-hand figure on B. The foot may have been broken off at the same time, since it appears to have been similarly mended. The statement, recorded by Hoppin, that the foot does not belong to the vase seems unjustified. Slight restorations, especially the left shoulder and arm of the left-hand figure on B. Relief contours throughout. Inner markings in brown. The beards done in relief lines and in brown brush strokes. Red used for the string of the plectrum.

Bought in S. Maria di Capua. Acquired in 1901. Beazley, V.A., p. 157. Hoppin, i, p. 352, no. 6. Beazley, Att. V., p. 357, no. 21.

Interior. A bearded komast stands in front view, holding an empty kylix by one handle with his right hand and resting his left hand on his stick. His mantle is hung over his arms. He turns his head, looking at a youth who hurries up to refill the cup from an oinochoe in his right hand.

Exterior, A. Five komasts, as follows from left to right: (1) a youth standing in front view behind a large kalyx-krater set on the ground, holding an oinochoe in his right hand and resting his left on his stick. He is in conversation with (2), a man leaning on his stick and holding a kylix in his right hand. (3) A youth moving to left with body in front view, right hand raised, left holding stick, looking over his shoulder at (4), a man advancing towards him with right arm extended, stick in left hand. (5) A man walking away from the others, but turning back his head and extending his right arm with the hand raised. He also carries a stick.

B. (1) A man walking rapidly to right, but looking back over his shoulder at the last figure on A. (2) A youth moving to right with body thrown back, playing a lyre. (3) A man walking to left with a skyphos in his extended right hand, a stick in his left, looking back at (4), a youth following him, ready to replenish the skyphos from the oinochoe in his right hand. Behind the youth, (5) a man dancing to left with left leg raised, holding a stick over his left shoulder.

All the figures, within and without, wear thick fillets like those on the stamnoi, no. 38 and no. 39 (Boston 01.8083 and Boston 01.8082), on which see i p. 49. All but the wine-pourer in the interior have small mantles, draped in such a way as not to hide their tall, slender forms.

About 450 B.C. By the Euaion painter.1

F. P. Johnson, AJA 42 (1938), p. 352, under no. 15; ARV, p. 527, no. 19; Caskey & Beazley, II, p. 101, no. 45; ARV2, p. 790, no. 21; C. Weiss, AA 1988, p. 345, note 241; CVA, Kiel, 1, p. 107, under no. B 737 (B. Freyer-Schauenburg); Maas & Snyder 1989, p. 237, note 83.

1 (From Addenda to Part I) No. 45. ARV. p. 527, Euaion Painter no. 19. The Museum has now a second komos cup by the Euaion Painter, later than the other: Boston 41.57. A third cup in Boston, much damaged, is also by him: I (youth, shield?); A, warriors leaving home; B (youths). This goes with the four cups which I put together in ARV. pp. 531-2 under the heading 'Group of New York 96.18.119', saying that they were by one hand, were very like the late work of the Euaion Painter, and might be by himself in his latest phase; on p. 532 I appended three vases by one hand as very like the four cups ('Painter of Ruvo 1250'). I now judge all seven vases to be late work of the Euaion Painter.

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