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46. 91.223 KYLIX Silens and maenads PLATE XXI

Height, 0.135 m.; diameter, 0.314 m. Slightly broken, but complete. Slight retouching of the surface, but not of any lines of the figures. Of the same shape as no. 44; see figure 29 (Boston 10.181). Relief contours throughout. Brown used for inner markings on the silens, for the leopard-skins of one of the maenads, for dots on the sakkoi. White paint used for the wreaths.

Ann. Rep. 1891, p. 11, no. 3. Robinson, Cat., no. 398. Beazley, V.A., p. 157. Hoppin, i, p. 351, no. 4. Beazley, Att. V., p. 356, no. 7.

Interior. A silen and a maenad in conversation. She stands in front view with her head turned towards him, holding a flute in her right hand, and a thyrsus in her left. Her costume consists of a sakkos and a black-bordered Doric peplos with overfold, open on the right side. He holds out both hands to her, perhaps begging for the flute. Behind him, part of a kalyx-krater standing on the ground.

Exterior, A. Three silens and two maenads, in two groups. The maenad at the left, in sakkos and Doric peplos open on the right side, holds her thyrsus in both hands to defend herself against two silens approaching her from either side with arms extended. The second maenad, carrying a thyrsus, walks to right towards a silen who balances himself on his left leg and holds out his hands towards her. She wears a sakkos, an Ionic chiton with kolpos, and a leopard-skin fastened on her right shoulder and confined at the waist by a broad belt.

B. Three silens and two maenads, in two groups as above. At the left, a maenad between two silens. She is moving to the right, with her head turned back and her face shown in three-quarter view, a thyrsus in her right hand. She wears an Ionic chiton, and over it a short sleeveless garment with patterned border at top and bottom, pinned on both shoulders. The silen at the left approaches her, offering a skyphos. The one at the right stands in an excited pose, his body in front view, his left leg bent, his arms held down with the palms of the hands turned outward. To the right of this group, a maenad in Doric dress with overfold, advances to right, holding a thyrsus in her right hand, and raising her left in a deprecating gesture towards the silen who stands opposite with body bent forward and hands extended to seize her.

All the figures, within and without, except the three women wearing sakkoi, have white wreaths on their heads.

About 450 B.C. By the Euaion painter.1

ARV, p. 526, no. 1; EAA, III, p. 510, fig. 615 (E. Paribeni); U. T. Bezerra de Meneses, BCH 87 (1963), p. 312, fig. 3; ARV2, p. 789, no. 1; Para., p. 418, no. 1; Simon 1978, p. 254, illus.; Beazley Addenda 1, p. 142; C. Weiss, AA 1988, pp. 345 (note 241), 346 (note 245); CVA, Kiel, 1, p. 107, under no. B 737 (B. Freyer-Schauenburg); Beazley Addenda 2, p. 289.

Exhibited: Tampa Museum of Art, 1991-.

1 (From Addenda to Part I) No. 46. ARV. p. 526, Euaion Painter no. 1.

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