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56. 93.104 LEKYTHOS Youth and woman at stele PLATE XXVI

Height, 0.421 m.; diameter, 0.123 m. Broken, but practically complete. On the shoulder, tongue pattern and design of three palmettes, black-figured. No relief contours, except for the spear. Brown used for two stripes near the bottom of the woman's dress, for the edge of her mantle, for stripes round the youth's scabbard. Red and white used for the fillets tied about the stele.

From Eretria. Ann. Rep. 1893, p. 14. Robinson, Catalogue, no. 446, with drawing. Beazley, V.A., p. 166. Att. V., p. 380, no. 1. Buschor, Attische Lekythen der Parthenonzeit, p. 31, fig. 10. A drawing of the shape in Caskey, G.G.V., p. 221, no. 176.

In the centre, a tall, slender stele, on a two-stepped base, and surmounted by an akroterion composed of two pairs of volutes placed vertically, with a palmette above. Three fillets, the upper and lower ones white, the central one red, are tied about the shaft. At the left, a woman in sleeved chiton and himation, a diadem with three leaves in her hair, holding out a smegmatotheke. At the right, a youth, armed with spear and sword, wearing a short chiton, a chlamys pinned in front by a round brooch, a petasus hanging at his back.

About 430 B.C. This and the following lekythos, no. 57 (Boston 93.103), are undoubtedly a pair, made in the same factory. All the vertical measurements are identical, the diameter of 56 somewhat less than that of the companion piece. The pictures are also obviously by one artist, characterized by Beazley as a late, florid imitator of the Achilles painter.

On the smegmatotheke see above, under no. 55 (Boston 93.106). Three white lekythoi in Athens, nos. Athens 1819, Athens 1820, Athens 1830, illustrated by Buschor, l.c., pp. 29-31, figs. 6, 7, 9, have stelae with tops like ours: Beazley compares also the stelae on the lekythos in the Louvre, Louvre MNB 620, a late work of the Achilles painter, another illustrated in Collection Arthur Sambon, no. 91, Plate, a white lekythos in Oxford by the Quadrate painter, J.H.S. xxv, 1905, p. 74, no. 546, and another in Berlin by the same painter, Riezler, Pl. 84.1

ARV, p. 647, no. 27 (Manner of the Achilles Painter); Carpenter 1962, pp. 88-89, fig. 21; ARV2, p. 1007, no. 1 (Painter of Boston 93.104); MFA Vases 1976, p. 23, fig. 27 (partial); M. Pfanner, Hefte des archäologischen Seminars der Universität Bern 3 (1977), p. 7, no. 15; Christiansen & Melander 1987, pp. 173 (no. 5), 174 (note 9) (K. Gex-Morgenthaler).

1 (From Addenda to Part I) Nos. 56-7. ARV. p. 647, manner of the Achilles Painter, nos. 27 and 28.

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