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64. 01.16 AMPHORA Man and woman at altar FIGURES 41 and 42 (SUPPL. PLATE 3)

Height, 0.332 m.; diameter, 0.166 m. A Nolan amphora with ridged handles. Unbroken. No relief contours. Brown used for the edges of the mantles, for stripes on the dress of the woman on A, for the folds at the bottom of the dress of the woman on B, for marks on the face of the altar, for details of the antlers, for dots on the side of the phiale. White used for the cords wound round the hair of the women, for the man's wreath (stem and dots) except the leaves, for the fire on the altar, for the wine issuing from the oinochoe and the phiale.

Acquired in 1901. Beazley, V.A., p. 168, no. 6. Hoppin, i, p. 84, no. 7. Beazley, Att. V., p. 382, no. 5. A drawing of the shape in Caskey, G.G.V., p. 34, no. 70.

On the obverse, a libation scene. In the centre a low altar with raised ends (κρατευταί), between which a fire is burning. The smoke is done in white paint. On the face, in brown, two dots and carelessly scrawled lines, perhaps intended to represent blood. At the right a bearded man, wreathed and enveloped in an himation, holding out a phiale from which drops of wine are falling upon the altar. The phiale is decorated with a row of dots, like those represented on no. 62 (Boston 97.371). At the left, a woman in sleeved chiton and himation, a white cord wound five times about her hair, pours wine into the phiale from an oinochoe in her extended right hand. Above, between the heads of the figures, a pair of antlers, suggesting that the place is a sanctuary.

On the reverse, a woman in himation, her hair bound by a white cord, stands with her body shown from the back, her head turned to the left, her right arm extended to the right.

About 430 B.C. By the painter of the Boston phiale. See no. 62 (Boston 97.371).1

ARV, p. 654, no. 31 (Phiale Painter); ARV2, p. 1016, no. 36; J. H. Oakley, The Rutgers Art Review 1 (1980), p. 8, note 26; Oakley 1990, pp. 4 (illus. 1 c), 6, 12, 44, 47 (note 314), 72 (no. 36), 105, pls. 20a, 35b.

1 (From Addenda to Part I) No. 64. ARV. p. 654, Phiale Painter no. 31.

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