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84. 00.340 LEKYTHOS said to be from Syracuse SUPPL. PLATE 10

VA. p. 68. Height 0.35. A woman looking in her mirror. About 480, by the Tithonos Painter (VA. p. 70 no. 8; Att. V. p. 129 no. 9; ARV. p. 207 no. 10).

The lekythos is decorated on the 'Nolan' principle: see ii p. 41. Tongue-pattern at the top of the shoulder.

With her hand raised to her hair, and her head bent, she has the grave expression with which women give the last touch to their toilet. She wears chiton, himation, saccos, earrings, bracelet. The mirror is seen in profile. A perfume-vase ('smegmatotheke', 'kothon') stands on the ground in front: on these vases see Caskey, above, pp. 49-50. An alabastron hangs from a thong behind her; the brown streak running down it is one of the loose ends of the cord tied round the neck. On a less attractive lekythos by the same painter in Aberdeen (Aberdeen 706: ARV. p. 207 no. 11) the woman holds in her left hand a kothon and in her right an alabastron just like those on the Boston vase.

There is not much relief-contour; none between the tip of the nose and the beginning of the chin. The bracelet is in red.

Walston 1926, p. 205, fig. 184; ARV2, p. 309, no. 10; S. Pingiatoglou, ArchEph 1982 (ArchChron), p. 17, no. 8.

Exhibited: Boston, Museum of Fine Arts, Nov. 8, 1977-Jan. 15, 1978 ("...The Second Greatest Show on Earth": The Making of a Museum, An Exhibition of Works of Art, Documents, and Photographs, Boston, The Museum of Fine Arts, p. 12, no. 8, illus.); Tampa Museum of Art, 1991-.

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