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9. 01.8074 KYLIX Crouching warrior PLATE III and FIGURE 6

Diameter, 0.165 m.; height, 0.074 m. Intact. Small kylix with offset lip and low stem moulded at the junction with the foot. Relief contours throughout. Brown used for the spine, the fork at the base of the spine, and several lines on both legs. Red used for the strap of the quiver and for the meaningless lettering in the field.

From Lokris. Beazley, B.S.R. xi, 1929, p. 16, note 3. Kraiker, Jahrbuch, xliv, 1929, p. 196, fig. 39, and p. 194, no. 71.

A warrior, nude, but characterized as an archer by his barbarian cap and by the quiver hanging at his side, crouches in a posture of defence holding a round shield before him. The rim of the shield is drawn in two incised circles, the outer one covered with a relief line. Its device is a galloping horseman in black.

On an early cup in Beazley's possession an archer in a similar pose is shooting an arrow. This is by the same hand as the crouching warrior holding out his shield on a cup fragment in Tübingen; he wears an Attic helmet but is otherwise nude.1 The shield in our picture is hard to explain, as is the fact that its device is turned to the right instead of to the left, as is natural and usual. 'The only explanation is that the artist has not cared to give an accurate representation of anything in life; varying a figure which he has often drawn (very like, especially in the lower part, a warrior by him in Corneto, Att. V., p. 29, no. 9; now attributed to Epiktetos himself), he has combined incompatibles, and, to give his figure balance, has not hesitated to turn the shield-device the wrong way.'

'A slight, but lively work by Epiktetos.'2

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1 Watzinger, Griechische Vasen in Tübingen, Tübingen E 40, Pl. 21.

2 (From Addenda to Part I) No. 9. ARV. p. 49, Epiktetos no. 65. On the shape, Bloesch F.A.S. p. 124 no. 18. Add the reference to Caskey G. p. 183 fig. 138. For 'BSR. ii' read 'BSR. 11'.

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