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91. 03.789 FRAGMENT OF A NOLAN AMPHORA (with triple handles) SUPPL. PLATE 11, 3

A, Zeus pursuing a woman (Thetis?). About 470 B.C., by the Providence Painter (VA. p. 78 no. 14; Att. V. p. 133 no. 15; ARV. p. 432 no. 14).

The greater part of the picture on the front is preserved. Zeus, his sceptre in his left hand, his right arm extended, pursues a woman who flees, looking round, a dolphin in one hand. I have tried to show that the woman is Thetis (see ii pp. 68-9). Zeus wears long chiton and himation, and a circlet round his head, Thetis chiton, himation in the 'Ionic' fashion, passing over the left shoulder, earring, and round her head a circlet fastened with a cord. The top of the sceptre is damaged. The contours are in relief-lines. Brown lines on the chitons. Red for the cord and the inscriptions: between the heads, ΚΑΛΟΣ, lower, at mid-level, ΗΙΠΠΟΝΚΑΛΟΣ retrograde.

ARV2, p. 636, no. 14; J. M. Hemelrijk, BABesch 48 (1973), p. 180, under no. 4; Kaempf-Dimitriadou 1979, pp. 22, 27, 95, no. 229; Brommer 1980, p. 46, no. B 36; Arafat 1990, pp. 86-87, 193, no. 3.85.

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