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92. 03.875 FRAGMENT OF A SMALL VASE (probably a Nolan amphora) SUPPL. PLATE 11, 1

About 470 B.C., by the Providence Painter (VA. p. 78 no. 15; Att. V. p. 133 no. 16; ARV. p. 435 no. 83).

What remains is the upper part of a king or god, dressed in chiton and himation, a circlet round the head. The contours are in relief-lines. Brown parallel lines (not visible in the photograph) for the texture of the chiton. Brown dots on the narrow band (the nature of which is not clear to me) below the shoulder and above the waist. The inscription, in red, on the right, is ...]ΟΝΚΑΛΟΣ. The painter uses the kalos-names Hippon and Glaukon, and the first word may have been one of these.

In Att. V. p. 133 I counted this as part of a Nolan amphora. Later I doubted, because of the incurve at the upper part of the fragment: but Dietrich von Bothmer has shown me that this amount of incurve is not impossible in the shape.

ARV2, p. 638, no. 47.

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