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VA. 116 fig. 73; Panm. pl. 13, 3 (not quite correctly poised in either place). About 480 B.C., by the Pan Painter (VA. p. 116; Att. V. p. 100 no. 4; Panm. pp. 21-2 no. 15; ARV. 362 no. 17).

The fragment includes a very small piece of the neck of the vase: the inside of this is reserved like the rest of the inside.

Head and shoulders of Dionysos, lips parted, holding a vine; chiton with star-pattern; krobylos; wreath of small leaves (myrtle?). Relief-contour; brown lines for the great sinew of the neck. The grapes are in raised black on a black background; the vine-leaves are in red. On the right, shoulder and long hair of another person, to right; wavy brown lines on the shoulder — for folds?

The vine shows the presence of Dionysos, but I have hesitated which of the two figures is he: I think the left-hand one. The figure may be restored on the analogy of a Dionysos like that on the late archaic column-krater Boston 22.677 (Gerhard AV. pl. 77; MFA. Bull. 20 p. 74; AJA 1923 pp. 185-6): moving quickly to right, looking back, holding the vine up with the left hand. Dionysos' wreath is usually of ivy, but not always: see AJA. 1939 p. 631, and the black-figured neck-amphora, by the Antimenes Painter or near him, Madrid 10905 (CV. III He pl. 21, 2 a).

Early work of the Pan Painter, near his psykter in Munich (Munich 2417; FR. pl. 16, whence Panm. pl. 12, 1: ARV. p. 365 no. 55): see also Panm. p. 21.

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