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10. Athens honours Epikerdes of Kyrene IG I3 125 Athens, EM 7010 405/4 Plate 6

Three non-joining fragments: a (EM 7010) found east of Theatre of Dionysos, b (EM 7006) from Akropolis, c (Agora I 7065) found built into wall north of tracks of electric railway through Agora (J 5). Right and left edges preserved, back rough-picked. Relief separated from inscription by taenia with first line of decree and ovolo. Surface worn, corroded. White, medium-grained marble. p.h. 0.35, p.h. of relief 0.20, p.w. 0.18, th. 0.14, relief h. 0.02, h. of letters 0.011.

The decree honours Epikerdes of Kyrene for his gifts to the Athenian people. Demosthenes (20.41-45) cites Epikerdes as an example of a patriotic benefactor who came to the aid of Athens in times of need, both after the Syracusan disaster and in the period before the rule of the Thirty. This decree may concern the later gift. It is securely dated to the year 405/4 by its eponymous archon Alexias (lines 5-6).

Epikerdes is the small figure on the left side of the relief who raises his right hand in the gesture of a worshipper. The drapery of his himation clearly reveals his body, but the material is more substantial and less transparent than that of the previous decade. Epikerdes faces a larger, apparently frontal figure on the right, probably Athena, who alone bestows honours for Athens in this period. Only a small part of the very regular, tubular folds and zigzag edge of her peplos are preserved. There might have been room for at least one more figure, perhaps a patron deity or hero for Epikerdes, to the right.

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