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Athens honours [P]oly[p]os
IG I3 126 Athens, EM 2552 + 3169 405/4 Plate 6

Three joining fragments: a (EM 2552), found near Tower of the Winds, + b (EM 3169) + c (EM 2792), provenance unknown. Left edge preserved, back rough-picked. Possible traces of border at lower left corner of relief. Surface somewhat corroded. White, medium-grained marble. p.h. 0.42, p.h. of relief 0.15, p.w. 0.59, th. 0.13, relief h. 0.01, h. of letters 0.02 (line 1), 0.016 (lines 2-3), 0.012 (lines 4 ff.).

The inscription, which is securely dated to the year 405/4 by its eponymous archon Alexias (line 1), honours a proxenos whose name is probably to be restored as Polypos Menestheus; Wilhelm first suggested the restoration of the ethnic Gortynios. The inscription was apparently set up on the Akropolis (lines 8-10).

On the right side of the relief is Athena, preserved only from the thighs down. She is seated on a rock facing left, with her shield lying on the ground beside her (cf. nos. 2, 71, 72, 87, 90, 91). In the centre of the relief are the feet of a smaller figure turned toward Athena, probably the honorand Polypos accepting honours from the goddess. On the left is a male figure, preserved only from the knees down, who turns toward the other figures. He is smaller than Athena and therefore perhaps a hero of the honorand's home (cf. no. 72). If Polypos is from Gortyna in Crete or Gortys in Arkadia, he may be the eponymous hero Gortys (Paus. 8.53.4); cf. no. 9, depicting the eponymous hero of Kios.

The drapery of the relief is plain, revealing the body in broad, uninterrupted expanses and falling away from it in very regular, tubular folds. The greater interest in space in the last decade of the century is evident in the shield at Athena's side, now considerably foreshortened, the motif probably suggested by the similar Athena on the Nike Temple Parapet (Carpenter, pl. XIX).

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