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Athens and Eretria
IG II2 16 Athens, EM 6885 394/93 (or 404/3?) Plate 8

Two non-joining fragments: a (EM 6885) found on Akropolis, b (EM 6887), provenance unknown. Parts of both edges preserved. First two lines of heading above plain ovolo separating relief and inscription. Fragment a worn, corroded. White, medium-grained marble. p.h. 0.215, p.h. of relief 0.13 5, p.w. 0.29, p. th. 0.11 (back in plaster), relief h. very low, h. of letters 0.007 (lines 3 ff.).

The document is a decree of the Athenian boule concluding an alliance between Athens and Eretria. The heading of the decree is usually restored to make the Euboulide[s] of line 5 the eponymous archon, placing the alliance in 394/93, when forces from Euboia fought on the Athenian side in the Corinthian War (Xen. Hell. 4.2.17; 3.1 5). Krentz has recently suggested an alternative, that this was a decree of the Thirty in 404/3 and that Euboulides should be restored as epistates rather than archon. The two dates are too close together and the relief too poorly preserved for the sculpture to contribute anything to the argument.

Only the lower left corner of the relief is preserved. Just above the moulding are the sandalled feet of a seated figure facing right. The balls of the feet rest on the flat surface of the ground; the heels are raised. The figure appears to be seated on a rock. A seated type of Athena is popular in reliefs of the late fifth and early fourth centuries (see nos. 2, I I, 71, 72, 87, 90, 91), and she could appropriately face a representative of Eretria in this relief. The position of the feet is very similar to that of the Athena of the late fifth-century document concerning Athens and Samos (no. 71).

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