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Athens and Klazomenai
IG II2 28 Athens, EM 6917 387/86 Plate 9

Three joining fragments, all from vicinity of the Asklepieion. Right and left edges preserved, back rough-picked. Surface slightly weathered. White, medium-grained marble. p.h. 0.45, p.h. of relief 0.13, w. 0.50, th. 0.085, relief h. 0.02, h. of letters 0.008.

Klazomenai had been a member of the Delian League and was again under Athenian influence, for at this time it was subject to the eikoste, the new tribute imposed by the Athenian commander Thrasyboulos in 389. In this decree, Athens commends Klazomenai for its loyalty, resolves not to interfere in its trade or other treaties, but confirms that it is still subject to the tax. The decree is securely dated by its eponymous archon Theodotos to the year 387/86 (line 1). It is usually placed in the fall of that year, for Klazomenai was claimed by Persia in the Peace of Antalkidas of 386 (Xen. Hell. 5.1.31).

The relief depicts two animals, probably rams, facing each other. A walking or recumbent ram or a ram's head is the dominant device on the reverse of Klazomenian bronze coins between ca. 387 and 300 (B. V. Head, BMC: Creek Coins of Ionia [1892] 21-26, pl. 4, nos. 14, 15, 16). Only three feet of the animal on the right are preserved. The animal on the left, missing its head and part of its back, has a rather shapeless body with tufts of hair indicated by a bumpy-textured surface punctuated by short, sharp incisions. Its tail is long and full, the hair indicated by diagonal lines.

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