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Athens honours Hebryzelmis, king of the Thracian Odrysai
IG II2 31 Athens, EM 6941 386/85 Plate 10

Found on the Akropolis in 1889. Left edge of relief and inscription preserved, back rough-picked. Relief bordered on left by 0.045 wide anta, below by 0.06 wide moulding, profile completely chipped away. Surface very weathered, flaked, with iron stains. White, medium-grained marble. p.h. 0.71, p.h. of relief 0.25 5, p.w. 0.405, th. 0.11, relief h. 0.005, h. of letters 0.02 (line 1), 0.008 (lines 2 ff.).

The decree honours Hebryzelmis, the king of the Odrysai, for his loyalty, and praises several others, including his strategos. The Athenians had a history of friendly relations with this Thracian kingdom, and Hebryzelmis is here given all the honours that Athens had previously awarded his ancestors. The stele was to have been set up on the Akropolis at public expense and a cost of thirty drachmai (lines 12-17). It is securely dated to the year 386/85 by its eponymous archon Mystichides (line 1).

The very poorly preserved relief depicts two horsemen, one on either side of a frontal female figure. The Athenians generally associated Thracians with horses, and depicted horses or horses and riders on the reliefs on most of their documents concerning Thrace (nos. 27, 30, 46). The female figure, whose identity is unknown, is preserved only from the chest down; she wears a belted peplos or chiton and a veil or shoulder mantle which flies out behind her on both sides. The horse on the left is cut off in the middle by the anta on the left side of the relief and above by the break at the top of the fragment; only slight traces of its rider and his chlamys are preserved. On the right, only the forelegs of the horse and its rider's left foot remain.

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