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Athenian dedications to Zeus Ammon and others
21.241 Tunis, Musée National du Bardo D 1139 363/62 Plate 12

Found in 1907 in a shipwreck of ca. 100 BC off Mahdia, Tunisia. Relief bordered by antae and entablature with pediment and side akroteria. Right edge broken away. Surface worn and badly pitted. Marble. p.h. 1.30, h. of relief 0.25, p.w. 0.40. Not examined.

The inscription records a decree of the boule and demos ordering a list of dedications of the Athenians to Zeus Ammon, Paralos, Athena, and Hera. It is securely dated to the year 363/62 by its eponymous archon Charik[leides] (line 1). It was probably set up in the sanctuary of Zeus Ammon in Piraeus.

Only the bare outlines of the relief are still intelligible. On the left is Zeus, seated facing right. His left arm is raised and probably held a painted sceptre (for similar figures of Zeus, see nos. 5, 24, 96, possibly no. 41). Before him is a low, rectangular altar, approached from the right by two small worshippers. The first holds an object; the second is barely visible. There may have been an additional figure or figures further to the right.

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