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IG II2 209 Eleusis, Archaeological Museum E 88 349/48 Plate 18

From Eleusis. Right edge preserved, back rough-picked. Relief bordered on right by anta, below by taenia inscribed [ΘΕ]ΟΙ and ovolo, together 0.045 wide. Surface worn, with iron stains, accretions. White, medium-grained marble. p.h. 0.26, p.h. of relief 0.145, p.w. 0.19, th. 0.09 (relief), 0.08 (inscription), relief h. 0.012, h. of letters 0.008 (line 1), 0.005 (lines 2 ff.).

The fragmentary inscription is an Athenian decree, securely dated by its secretary Dieuches of Phrearrhioi (lines 2-3), who served in the archonship of Kallimachos, 349/48 (IG II2 206). Its find-spot and the subject of its relief suggest that it concerned Eleusinian matters (cf. no. 3). All that remains of the relief is a figure of Demeter, preserved only from the waist down, seated on a kiste facing left. Kore and perhaps another figure or figures probably originally stood on the left. The figure resembles figures of Demeter who appear with Kore on other document reliefs from Eleusis (nos. 127, 152), on fourth-century votive reliefs (e.g. Neumann, Weihreliefs, pl. 47a; Walter, Beschreibung, fig. 114), and on Panathenaic amphorae (Jucker, figs. 22-24; Eschbach, 71-90, pls. 20, 21). Kern and Jucker suggested that the types were modelled after an Eleusinian cult group, but details of the various versions of the type differ considerably.

D. Philios, ArchEph (1890) 81-84 no. 50, 171-72; O. Kern, AM 17 (1892) 131, fig. 8 (drwg.); E. Bielefeld, Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Universität Greifswald 1 (1951/52) 7 no. 7; A. Peschlow-Bindokat, JdI 87 (1972) 154 R 58; I. Jucker, AA 95 (1980) 462-63, figs. 22-24; LIMC IV, 858 no. 127, s.v. Demeter (L. Beschi); Meyer, 288 A 78, pl. 24.1.

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