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Athens honours Alkimachos
IG II2 239 Athens, EM 7063 337/36 Plate 19

Found on Akropolis in 1838. Left edge preserved, back rough-picked. Relief separated from inscription by taenia inscribed [Θ]Ε[ΟΙ] and ovolo, together 0.045 wide. Surface very worn, flaked, corroded. White, medium-grained marble. p.h. 0.31, p.h. of relief 0.125, p.w. 0.21, th. 0.14, relief h. 0.025, h. of letters 0.009 (lines I, 2), 0.008 (lines 3 ff.).

The very fragmentary document is apparently an honorary decree for Alkimachos, possibly the son of Agathokles of Pella, an envoy and general of Philip II and Alexander of Macedonia (Arr. Anab. 1.18.1; Harp., s.v. Alkimachos). The decree is securely dated to the sixth prytany of the archonship of Phryni[chos], 337/36 (lines 3-4). Only the badly damaged lower left corner of the relief is preserved, depicting the lower part of a seated figure, perhaps Athena, facing right. It is possible to distinguish part of the seat, the foot rest, and her lower right leg where bunched folds emerge from beneath her himation. Alkimachos may have stood facing her on the right.

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