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Athens honours a Plataian
IG II2 345 Athens, EM 7167, 7168 332/31 Plate 23

Two non-joining fragments found on Akropolis in 1858: a (EM 7168), lower left corner of relief, b (EM 7167), fragment of inscription with small fragment of right corner of relief. Both edges preserved, back damaged. Relief bordered by 0.045 wide antae and below by 0.025 wide taenia. Surface of both fragments worn, corroded. White, medium-grained marble. Fragment a: p.h. 0.215, p.h. of relief 0.10, p.w. 0.18, 0.08, relief h. 0.03, h. of letters 0.007. Fragment b: p.h. 0.42, p.w. 0.145, 0.36, h. of letters 0.007.

The decree, proposed by Lykourgos, honours a Plataian whose name is not preserved. It is securely dated to the eighth prytany of the archonship of Niketes, 332/3 1 (lines 2-3); it was passed on the same day as no. 45, but the hands of neither the masons nor the sculptors appear to have been the same. The figures in the relief are too poorly preserved for identification. At the left are the bare lower legs of a male figure, possibly the honorand, turned toward the right. Next to him on the right stands a female figure in a long garment, perhaps Athena, of whom only the lower legs are preserved. The figure appears nearly frontal, standing with her weight on her right leg. The tiny fragment of relief preserved on fragment b is probably part of the right anta.

K. S. Pittakys, ArchEph (1858) 1785 no. 3412; ArchEph (1859) 1843 no. 3534; IG II 173; Binneboeßel, 14 no. 60, 20, 64; Svoronos, 667 no. 441 (4), pl. 216.4; Schwenk, 187-90 no. 36; SEG 35.239; Meyer, 294 A 102.

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