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Athens honours Amphis of Andros
IG II2 347 Athens, EM 7155 332/31 Plate 24

Five fragments: a (with relief), found in vicinity of Asklepieion, + b, composed of three small fragments, found in Varvakeion (together EM 7155), c (EM 5119). Fragments a and b broken all around, backs rough-picked. Surface worn, with accretions. White, medium-grained marble. p.h. 0.575, p.h. of relief 0.17, p.w. 0.36, th. 0.13, relief h. 0.015, h. of letters 0.007.

The decree honours Anphis (sic?) of Andros, whom Wilhelm identified as the poet Amphis of Middle Comedy. The Suda (s.v. Amphis) refers to him as an Athenian, but Wilhelm supposed that his citizenship was awarded at a later date. He is here awarded a crown of ivy, appropriate for a poet because of its association with Dionysos. The decree was passed on the same day as no. 44, in the eighth prytany of the archonship of [N]iketes, 332/31 (lines 1-3), but it does not appear to have been inscribed or sculpted by the same men.

The relief preserves the lower legs of two male figures wearing himatia. The smaller figure on the left turns in three-quarter view toward the right, advancing with his weight on his left leg. The larger figure approaches him from the right, with his weight on his right leg. The smaller figure undoubtedly represents Amphis, the large figure probably Demos, presenting a crown to the poet. The restoration of the inscription indicates that there was no room in the relief for another figure. The workmanship is rough and clumsy.

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