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Athens honours several Bosporans
21.298 (IG II2 369 + 414b + c +) Athens, EM 7333 323/22 Plate 26

Eleven fragments: b (EM 7333 = IG II2 369), with relief; j (EM 12572 = IG II2 414c) and k (EM 7332 = IG II2 414b) found on North Slope of Akropolis; a, c (joins j), e, f (Agora I 4935 e, b, c, d) found in 1938 in Agora (T 26-27); d (Agora I 4935a) found in Agora in 1937 (T 26-27); h (Agora I 4935f) found in 1938 in modern house in Agora (O-P 22-23); i (Agora I 2752) found in 1935 in late wall in Agora (N 11). Fragment a preserves left edge, h preserves back and right edge, others broken all around. Relief separated from inscription by cyma reversa and ovolo. White, medium-grained marble. Fragment b: p.h. 0.18, p.w. 0.135, 0.105, h. of letters 0.008.

The very fragmentary inscription records two decrees honouring several people, apparently Bosporans, who have given grain and some other gift or assistance needed by Athens, perhaps to alleviate shortages caused by the Lamian War. It is securely dated to the eighth prytany of the archonship of Ke[phisod]oros, 323/22 (lines 2-3). Athens had earlier honoured the kings of the Crimean Bosporos (no. 35) for their role in providing Athens with grain.

The wide, well-cut moulding above the inscription must have supported a large, ambitious relief, but all that remains is the foot of a single figure turned toward the left in the centre of the panel.

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