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21.303 Athens, Agora I 6496 321/20 Plate 27

Found in 1952 Agora excavations in wall of medieval house above east end of South Stoa II (O 15). Right edge preserved, back rough-picked. Relief separated from inscription by plain 0.02 wide taenia ending 0.015 from edge of relief. Surface somewhat worn, corroded. White, medium-grained marble. p.h. 0.205, p.h. of relief 0.09 5, p.w. 0.19, th. 0.07, relief h. 0.005, h. of letters 0.005.

The content of the inscription is not known; little more than the heading is preserved. Meritt has shown that the only year in which the lunar and conciliar dates given in the inscription coincide is that of the archonship of [Archipp]os, 321/20 (line 2); the inscription belongs to the fifth prytany (line 4). On the right stands a female facing right, of whom only the lower legs are preserved. Opposite her on the left is a large dolphin with its snout down and its back arched; most of the body and tail are broken away. The stance and dress of the figure are archaistic. Her weight is evenly distributed, the folds between her legs are bunched in the central gathering common in the dress of Archaic statues, and the diagonal line of zigzag folds on her left side indicates the open side of her peplos or end of her long diagonal mantle. The archaizing style must have been used here to indicate that the figure is a statue, presumably of the patron goddess of the person, city, or cult with which the decree is concerned (cf. no. 28, which depicts an archaistic figure representing the Parthenos of Neapolis). The dolphin must be one of her attributes or a symbol of the party she represents.

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