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Honours for unidentified
epimeletai IG II2 2842 Athens, NM 2964 321/20 or 318/17 Plate 28

Provenance unknown. Right edge preserved, back rough-picked. Relief bordered on right by 0.03 wide anta, below by plain taenia and ovolo, together 0.04 wide. Surface very worn. White, medium-grained marble. p.h. 0.28, p.w. 0.30, th. 0.10 (relief), 0.08 5 (inscription), relief h. 0.02, h. of letters ca. 0.007.

The very slight remains of inscription indicate that it concerns honours for a number of epimeletai whose names are not preserved; it was probably a decree of a phyle (cf. nos. 107, 128, 138, 145, 157, possibly no. 148). The document belongs either to 321/20 or to 318/17, the two years with eponymous archons named Archipp[os] (line 3).

Athena or another figure holding a shield stood to the left; only the shield is preserved. If the document is a phyle decree and the figure with the shield is Athena, the phyle hero may have stood further to the left (cf. no. 138). The epimeletai are depicted on the right as three small bearded men wearing himatia. The first man turns toward Athena and raises his right hand. The second figure is largely frontal. The third man leans with his right arm on the shoulder of the second, his right leg casually crossing the left. His left hand rests on his hip.

The small figures are crudely carved and very worn, but the variety and combination of their positions echo the relative complexity of composition in better reliefs of the late fourth century (cf. nos. 47, 54).

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