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Athens honours an archon
37 (1968) 273 no. 12 Athens, Agora I 2165 145/44 Plate 31

Found in Agora in 1934 in wall of modern house east of southern part of Odeion (N-O 11). Right edge preserved, back rough-picked. Relief bordered on right by 0.035 wide anta, below by taenia inscribed [ΘΕ]ΟΙ and ovolo, together 0.045 wide. Surface worn. White, medium-grained marble. p.h. 0.27, p.w. 0.30, th. 0.128, relief h. 0.04, h. of letters 0.013 (line 1), 0.009 (lines 2 ff.).

The decree honours a man whose name is not preserved who served as an archon, perhaps as Meritt suggested, in one of the ‘Athenian overseas dependencies’. The man is honoured for his services in the archonship of Eukrates, 146/45 (line 4). The decree dates from the following year, after his term had been reviewed. On the right stands a figure, probably male, preserved only from the knees down. He turns in three-quarter view toward the left, where there is an altar, of which two steps and part of a triglyph of the superstructure are preserved. The figure may be a deity or the honorand himself. What remains of the relief appears to have been relatively high and carefully carved.

B. D. Meritt, Hesperia 37 (1968) 273 no. 12, pl. 79; Meyer, 315 C 1.

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