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Athens and Kios
IG I3 124 Athens, EM 6928 406/5 Plate

Found by the Propylaia in 1837. Right, left edges, and top preserved, back rough-picked. Taenia with first line of decree and ovolo separate relief from inscription. Upper corners of relief broken, upper moulding badly chipped. Surface uniformly weathered, with crack down centre. White, medium-grained marble. p.h. 0.33, p.h. of relief 0.185, w. 0.245, th. 0.145, relief h. 0.025, h. of letters 0.006 (Kios), 0.013 (lines 1-2), 0.01 (line 3).

Only three lines of the heading of the document are preserved, but the name Kios inscribed over the head of the male figure on the relief almost certainly indicates that the inscription concerned Bithynian Kios, which appears regularly in the Tribute Lists. (Close examination of the stone reveals no trace of an Ι or Σ in the crack to the left of the Κ, suggested by Müller, Schöll, and Schöne.) The inscription is securely dated to the year 406/5 by its eponymous archon, [K]allias of Angele (line 3). The editors of ATL suggested that it may have been related to the Athenian ambassadors who had been held by the Persians and returned via Kios in that year (Xen. Hell. 1.4.7; ATL I, 502).

The relief depicts the dexiosis of Athena and the bearded figure identified as Kios, probably the companion of Herakles and founder of the city that bears his name (Strab. 12.4.3). Athena, turned in profile view toward the right, wears a peplos, aegis, shoulder mantle, and Attic helmet, and carries her shield in her left hand (cf. nos. 14, 69, 83). Kios, an older man wearing a himation, is depicted in the somewhat smaller scale often used in document reliefs for heroes and personifications. The figures are stiffer than those of the previous decade, their drapery plain and sober in contrast to the earlier rich transparency.

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