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Honorary decree
Athens, NM 2955 3rd q. 4th c. Plate 75

From Akropolis. Part of top, right edge preserved, otherwise broken all around and back. Bottom now partly encased in plaster and attached to modern base with dowel in bottom, 0.035 from right edge. Relief bordered on right by 0.05 wide anta supporting 0.12 high entablature. Surface weathered, with accretions. White, medium-grained marble. p.h. 0.32, p.w. 0.36, 0.10, relief h. 0.035.

The subject of the relief indicates that it came from an honorary decree. On the right stands Athena; only her head, torso, and arms are preserved. She turns slightly toward the left and with her right hand crowns a smaller figure who is not preserved. Her left hand, broken off at the wrist, probably rested on the rim of her shield. She wears a peplos and an aegis without gorgoneion draped diagonally over her right shoulder and under her left arm (for this type see no. 140). The high placement of her belt and the weight and thickness of the drapery place the relief in the third quarter of the fourth century (cf. nos 36, 38, 40).

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