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Honorary decree
(?) Svoronos, 616 no. 251 Athens, NM 1473 3rd q. 4th c. Plate 75

First recorded in 1860 in collection of Greek Archaeological Society. Part of left edge, top preserved, bottom now set in plaster, back rough-picked. Relief bordered on left by 0.03-0.035 wide anta supporting entablature with pediment. Inscribed on architrave over figure on left: ΒΟΛΕ. Surface fairly fresh but chipped, corroded in places, with some accretions. White, medium-grained marble. p.h. 0.37, p.w. 0.265, th. 0.13, relief h. 0.015, h. of letters 0.008.

The subject of the relief suggests that its lost inscription was an honorary decree. On the far left the figure identified by inscribed label as Boule turns slightly toward the right. Her left hand is raised to shoulder height and holds the edge of the himation she wears like a veil over her head. The same arrangement of drapery, continuing over the right upper arm and held with a triangular overfold at the waist, also occurs on another figure in a document relief (no. 49), who is accompanied by Demos and is therefore almost certainly also Boule. Next to her on the right is Athena, also turned slightly toward the right. Her raised left hand holds her spear; her right hand is propped on her hip. She wears a peplos, aegis with gorgoneion, a shoulder mantle, and Corinthian helmet. Both figures direct their attention toward the small male figure in a himation, probably the honorand of the missing inscription, turned toward them on the right. He raises his right hand in adoration. To judge from the remains of the pediment above the relief, there would have been room for at least one more figure, almost certainly Demos, on the far right; Boule is very unlikely to have been depicted without him.

Although the spelling Bole for Boule generally dies out after the middle of the fourth century, the thick, coarse folds of the drapery with interior creases and the tall, high-waisted figures argue for a date in the third quarter of the fourth century (cf. nos. 38, 40, 46, 49).

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