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Athens honours Megalopolitans
IG II2 161 Athens, EM 70295 mid-3rd q. 4th c. Plate 76

Two non-joining fragments: a (EM 7029a), found in 1860 in excavations east of Erechtheion, b (EM 7029), found on Akropolis in 1880. Fragment a preserves part of top, right edge of relief, otherwise broken all around, back rough-picked. Relief bordered on right by 0.0375 wide anta, above by 0.075 wide entablature inscribed with first two lines of heading and [ΘΕΟ]Ι. Surface worn, corroded. White, medium-grained marble. p.h. 0.23, p.w. 0.21, th. 0.11, relief h. 0.005, h. of letters 0.009.

The very fragmentary inscription concerns honours for the Poimenidai and other Megalopolitans. On the right stands Athena, preserved only from the hips up, turning slightly toward the left. She wears a peplos, aegis, and Attic helmet. Her right arm, broken off just below the elbow, was extended, perhaps to crown one or more of the honorands on the left. The opaque drapery with sharply cut lines radiating from Athena's belt is characteristic of the plainer drapery style that begins in the middle of the fourth century (cf. nos. 28, 29). The Athena type, the low relief, and flat frame link the relief with several others from the middle to the third quarter of the century (nos. 36, 143), of which no. 143 may be by the same hand.

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