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Content unidentified
IG II2 546 Athens, EM 7258 last q. 4th c. (321/20 ?) Plate 80

Provenance unknown. Broken all around, back rough-picked. Relief separated from inscription by narrow, rounded, roughly carved band. Surface worn, with accretions. White, medium-grained marble. p.h. 0.32, p.h. of relief 0.08, p.w. 0.22, th. 0.12, relief h. 0.005, h. of letters 0.006.

The content of the fragmentary inscription is unclear; it may have concerned the Dolopians (line 12). Most of the heading is missing, but Meritt restored the archon Archippos of 321/20 in line 2 and the missing anagrapheus, Thrasykles of Thria, on the moulding that originally would have crowned the relief.

The crudely carved relief depicts three figures. Two of the figures are males of the same scale, wearing himatia and preserved only from the knees down. The figure on the left turns toward the left, the figure next to him on the right turns toward the right. At the broken right edge of the fragment is the foot of an apparently smaller figure, perhaps an honorand, turned toward the left. The identity and relationship of the figures are unclear; there should have been something on the the left side of the relief engaging the attention of the figure who has turned in that direction. The relief is too crude and fragmentary to be dated by its style, but its handwerkliche quality would not be out of place toward the end of the fourth century (cf. nos. 43, 45).

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