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Athens honours Sostr[atos]
IG II2 419 Athens, EM 7221 last q. 4th c. Plate 83

From Akropolis. Part of left edge of relief and moulding preserved, back rough-picked. Relief bordered on left by 0.03 wide anta, below by taenia with first line of inscription and ovolo, together 0.045 wide. Surface very worn, flaked, chipped. White, medium-grained marble. p.h. 0.39, p.h. of relief 0.315, p.w. 0.32, th. 0.145 (relief), 0.125 (inscription), relief h. 0.015, h. of letters 0.007.

The decree, of which only part of the first line is preserved, is apparently a grant of proxeny for a man whose name has been restored as Sostratos. On the left stands the frontal figure of Herakles, probably the hero of the honorand's home (cf. nos. 72, 111, 129, 133), leaning on the small end of his club held at his hip with his right hand; the other end rests on a rock. His lion skin is draped over his left arm (cf. no. 57). On the right is a female figure of the same scale, probably Athena, of whom only the contour and lower part of the right leg are preserved. She held her spear in her right hand and probably turned toward the honorand, who would have been in the missing right side of the relief. The emphatic outward swing of his hip is common in figures in the last quarter of the fourth century (cf. nos. 47, 49).

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