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Records of the Sanctuary of Artemis in Brauron
Brauron, Archaeological Museum i 172 (1058) ca. 410 Plate 39

Found in 1961 excavations of sanctuary of Artemis, Brauron. Top, both edges of relief, and part of left edge of inscription preserved, back rough-picked. Modern rectangular cutting in middle of top and right side of bottom for attachment to wall. Relief bordered above by moulding consisting of plain taenia and ovolo, below by similar, wider moulding with taenia bearing first line of inscription. Inscribed on relief ground above head of figures on left: ΘΙΛΟΜΙΦΙΛΟΜΕΛΟΣ. Surface very worn, stained red and black, with accretions. White, medium-grained marble. Dimensions unpublished.

The unpublished fragmentary inscription below the relief is a catalogue of dedications to Artemis, one of a number found in the sanctuary of Artemis at Brauron. On the far right stands Artemis, who turns slightly toward the left, with her weight on her right leg and her right hip pushed outward in a stance resembling that of the angelehnte Athena (cf. nos. 7, 65, 76, 98). Her right hand is lowered and extended; she may originally have held a painted oinochoe. She wears a chiton and himation draped around her abdomen. Her head slightly overlaps the moulding above the relief. Approaching her from the left are five smaller, bearded worshippers, lined up facing her in profile view. They are probably officials of the sanctuary, and they are likely to have been named in the inscription below. The letters of uneven size and intervals inscribed above the heads of the five appear to be an awkward attempt to identify one of them as Philomelos (cf. no. 83). The men wear himatia and proceed with left feet forward. The first, third, and fifth figures raise their hands in adoration; the second and fourth figures appear to hold objects in their lowered hands.

The style of the relief, with its broad expanses of very transparent drapery and evenly spaced, tubular folds, resembles that of Master B of the Nike Temple Parapet (Carpenter, pl. VII) and of document reliefs of ca. 410 (nos. 7, 8).

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