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Honorary decree
(?) IG I3 188 Athens, NM 1419 ca. 410 Plate 39

Provenance unknown. Right edge of relief and moulding, part of top preserved, back rough-picked. Relief bordered on right by 0.035 wide anta supporting 0.03 wide entablature, below by taenia inscribed [---]ΕΓΡΑΜΜΑΤΕ[ΥΕ] and cyma reversa, together 0.07 wide. Two modern dowel holes in bottom surface for attaching base. Surface well preserved, with red iron stains and some accretions. White, medium-grained marble. p.h. 0.48, p.w. 0.32, th. 0.12, relief h. 0.015, letter h. 0.02.

On the right side of the relief stand four bearded men, probably officials being honoured by Athena, who would have stood in the missing left side of the relief; the amount of space above the heads of the figures indicates the presence of a larger figure next to them. All four men wear himatia. The first is somewhat more frontal and taller than the others. His right arm is broken off; his left arm hangs at his side. The figure directly behind him turns in three-quarter view toward the left; his left hand grasps the bunch of folds at his waist. The third, more frontal figure is further right and slightly in front of the second; the end of his himation is draped over his left arm and his right arm hangs at his side. The fourth man stands still further right, slightly behind the third and in front of the anta. He is turned in near-profile view toward the left; his right hand is raised to shoulder height and enveloped in his himation, which is wrapped around his entire body and thrown back over his left shoulder.

Early scholars, probably noting the similarities between the figures in this relief and some of the male figures in the Panathenaic procession of the Parthenon frieze, called this the ‘oldest document relief’, and some even suggested a Periklean date, but the resemblance is superficial. The treatment of the folds and the degree of transparency in the drapery more closely resemble the style of the relief of the accounts of the treasurers of Athena of 410/9 (no. 8).

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