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Dorset, Kingston Lacy late 5th c. Plate 40

Provenance unknown. Preserves part of top, otherwise broken all around. Relief bordered above by wide taenia. Crystalline greyish marble (Vermeule). p.h. 0.34, p.w. 0.21, max. th. 0.09. Not examined.

None of the text is preserved. The relief depicts Athena and another figure of the same scale, of whom only the right arm and hand are preserved. Athena is almost frontal, but with her head turned sharply toward the right. She wears a peplos with belted overfold, perhaps a shoulder mantle, and an Attic helmet whose crest slightly overlaps the border above. Her right arm is held a little away from her body, perhaps holding the edge of her mantle; the relief is broken at this point. Her left hand is extended somewhat toward the other figure, but she does not clasp his or her right hand.

The drapery of Athena is closely comparable to that of the Athenas of the decree concerning Athens and Neapolis (no. 7) and the accounts of the treasurers of Athena of 410/9 (no. 8). Frel attributed the relief to ‘the Myttion sculptor’, whom he identified as the sculptor of the Telemachos Monument, but the drapery style of the document relief appears finer, more transparent.

C. Vermeule and D. von Bothmer, AJA 60 (1956) 331, pl. 104.3; J. Frel, Les sculpteurs anonymes, 25 no. 105; GettyMusJ 2 (1975) 15 no. 4; Meyer, 271 A 19.

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