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Athens honours the son of [---]psikles
IG II2 86 Athens, EM 6983 1st q. 4th c. (?) Plate 49

Found in 1885 excavations of area of Athenian Agora that burned in 1884. Preserves part of right edge, otherwise broken all around. Original thickness perhaps preserved at bottom. Possible remains of 0.03 wide anta at right side of relief. Fragment worn, with vertical cracks, flakes. White, medium-grained marble. p.h. 0.35, p.w. 0.175, 0.10, h. of relief 0.025, relief h. very low, h. of letters 0.008-0.0095.

The decree honours an otherwise unknown proxenos, son of [Hy]psikles or [Ter]psikles, praising the man and his father for their services to Athens. All that remains of the relief is a small fragment of the lower right corner, with perhaps the feet and drapery of a figure. The editors of the inscription date the decree to the early fourth century on the basis of its letter forms and the form of its prescript. Too little of the relief survives for comment on its style or date.

S. A. Koumanoudes, ArchEph 1886, 114-15; A. Wilhelm, Hermes 24 (1889) 120-21 no. 7; IG II.5 73f; Pečíirka, Enktesis, 33-35; M. B. Walbank, Hesperia 54 (1985) 312 n. 7.

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