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Athens honours Komaios Theodorou of Abdera
IG II2 77 Athens, EM 7051 1st q. 4th c. (?) Plate 50

Found in Akropolis wall some years before 1883. Both sides preserved, broken top and .bottom. Back rough-picked. Possible remains of anta at right edge. Surface very worn, corroded, discoloured. White, medium-grained marble. p.h. 0.56, p.h. of relief 0.155, w. 0.515 (top), 0.525 (bottom), th. 0.095, h. of letters 0.012.

The inscription records two decrees, the second (lines 9-18) conferring proxeny upon the Abderite Komaios and his descendants, the first (lines 1-8) ordering the publication of the second. It is usually dated to the first quarter of the fourth century by the form of its prescript, but it could as well date to the years soon after 375, when Abdera was rescued by Athenian forces after an invasion of the Triballoi and subsequently became a member of the Second Athenian League. (For another relief possibly concerning Abdera, see no. 179.)

The relief is so worn that only the outline of the figures is visible. On the right is Athena, preserved only from the knees down, recognizable by the upright shield leaning toward her on the right. She turns toward the left, probably to crown the smaller honorand Komaios, preserved only from the calves down, who turns toward her.

U. Köhler, AM 8 (1883) 223-26; IG II.5 85b; Th. Sauciuc, AM 37 (1912) 190-97, fig. 1; D. M. Lewis, BSA 49 (1954) 33; Meyer, 279 A 48.

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