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IG II2 165 (4434) Athens, EM 2787 1st-2nd q. 4th c. Plate 52

Found on South Slope in excavations of 1876-77. Left edge, part of top preserved, back rough-picked. Relief bordered on left by anta, above by plain pediment with side akrotenon. Taenia inscribed ΔΙΙΠΟΣΜΥ[---] and ovolo separate relief from inscription. Surface worn, corroded. White, medium-grained marble. p.h. 0.32, p.h. of relief 0.17, th. 0.08, relief h. 0.015, h. of letters 0.12.

Only a few letters of a name in the first line of the inscription and the left side of the relief are preserved. Athena turns toward the right, leaning with her right elbow on her shield, which stands on a step. Her raised left hand holds her spear out in front of her. Her right hand holds the end of her mantle, which is draped over her left shoulder and brought around under her right arm, cushioning it from the rim of the shield. The direction of Athena's attention and the restoration of the heading require at least one other figure in the missing right side of the relief.

The leaning Athena was a popular late fifth- and early fourth-century type (nos. 7, 65), and the drapery of this figure retains some of the doughy transparency characteristic of early fourth-century drapery (cf. no. 14), but the figure's tall, slim proportions and her more languorous, almost unstable pose (cf. no. 24) make a somewhat later date in the second quarter of the century more likely.

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