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BANNAVENTA Northamptonshire, England.

identified by its position in the Antonine Itinerary (470.5, 477.1, 479.5) with the site on Watling Street near Whilton Lodge where traces of buildings, coins, and pottery had been recorded since the 17th c. in 1970 air photographs revealed an enclosure (ca. 225 x 112.5 m) defended by double ditches and lying athwart the Roman road. Shortly afterwards the part lying E of the modern road was bulldozed for commercial development. it has sometimes been claimed that Bannaventa is to be identified with the Bannavem Taburniae (or Bannaventa Burniae) from which St. Patrick was carried off to Ireland, but its position so far inland makes this highly improbable.

Excavation in 1971-72 revealed earthwork defenses succeeded by walls, and occupation from the 1st to the 4th c.


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