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CONCOBAR or Konkobar (Kangavar) Iran.

On the age-old highway across Iran, some 75 km E of Kermanshah, the site is marked by a Seleucid temple of ca. 200 B.C. Isodore of Charax states that there is a temple of Artemis at Concobar: modern scholars agree that it is actually a temple of Anahita. Other Classical writers call the site Konkobar, but provide no additional information.

The fragmentary remains have greatly deteriorated since they were first recorded over a century ago. It is, however, apparent that a vast square court over 200 m on each side was surrounded by a peristyle with three rows of columns. Within the court was the temple proper; a number of the lower shafts of columns and their bases set on a podium of large blocks survive. Fragments indicate that the columns carried Doric capitals with Corinthian abaci. The size of the peristyle is almost identical with that of the temple of Bel at Palmyra.


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