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GANGI (“Engyon”) Enna, Sicily.

A Sikel city mentioned by Diodoros (4.79-80 and 16.72), Plutarch (Marc. 20), Cicero (Verr. 3.43), and Pliny (HN 3.91). From Diodoros we learn that it was 100 stades from Agyrion. It was colonized by Rhodio-Cretans, who brought with them the cult of the Great Mother. Some scholars have identified this city with modern Troina, others with Gangi or Nicosia. The most likely hypothesis seems to be the identification with Gangi, where traces of walls and buildings are preserved. The identification with Troina is unlikely because this modern town is quite far from the borders reached by Rhodio-Cretan penetration in this direction, and, moreover, the archaeological finds there are no earlier than the 5th c. B.C.


A. Holm, Storia della Sicilia I (1896) 159.


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