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Wall, ditches, turrets, and milecastles.

The surviving stretch of the Wall farthest E is Turret 7b (Benwell, NZ 198656); the next is at Heddon (NZ 137669). From Heddon to Rudchester some intermittent lengths of the vallum can be seen, and from Milecastle 18 (NZ 048684) to Downhill (NZ 006685) a very informative stretch survives, especially the 800 m E of Downhill. The Wall ditch is visible intermittently over the same sector and for the next 4.8 km the vallum and Wall ditch survive clearly. At Planetrees (NY 929696) a fragment of Wall stands 2.25 m high. Nearby at Brunton Bank (NY 922698), Turret 26b and a length of Wall can be seen. From Tower Tie (NY 892709) to Limestone Bank Top there is a stretch of curtain including Turret 29a (Black Carts); the vallum is also clear. At Limestone Corner (NY 875716) the ditch is rock-cut, and to the W, as far as Milecastle 33 (NY 823705), a particularly fine length of the vallum survives, with several stretches of the wall ditch. At Milecastle 33 the modern road leaves the line of the Wall; from here the vallum is generally visible (with some exceptions) as far as Carvoran fort and, intermittently, to Poltross Burn (NY 634663). Some turrets and milecastles can be seen between Milecastle 35 and Housesteads fort; thereafter, the Wall rides along the crags in a most imposing fashion (with some gaps) as far as the Tipalt Burn (NY 659661). Many milecastles (especially 37, 39, and 42) and turrets (45a) are on view, and a good length of curtain survives on Walltown Crags. The military way is also visible for long stretches between Milecastle 34 and Walltown. West of Poltross Burn, Milecastle 48 is informative, and stretches of the curtain wall run from there to Willowford Bridge abutment (NY 624665). One of the most upstanding stretches of curtain lies between Milecastle 49 and Birdoswald fort, and W of the fort the only surviving stretch of the Turf Wall can be seen. Apart from this, with a very few exceptions (Turret 52a), there is little between here and Carlisle, or W of the river Eden. Bridge abutments may be seen on the Irthing (Willowford) and North Tyne (Chesters). At Chesters the 3d c. stonework of the E abutment incorporates a pier of Hadrianic date.

The principal Wall museums are at Newcastle (Museum of Antiquities), Chesters (Clayton Memorial Museum), Carlisle (Tullie House Museum) and South Shields, with others at Housesteads and Wallsend.

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